Car seats in Spain

Car seats in Spain

If you’re visiting Spain and plan on hiring a car, then you need to remember that like the UK, Spain has strict laws concerning the use of seat belts and car seats. EVERYONE in the vehicle must wear a seat belt at all times, and children have to be in the correct safety seat for their age and height.

Unlike the UK, where children need to be over 135 cm or over 12 years old, in Spain children need to be over 135 cm tall and over 12 years before they can travel without a car seat. EDIT (9th June 2014): Now children only need to be over 135 cm to travel without a car sear in Spain too, due to the last changes in the traffic law.
Furthermore, anyone who does not meet these criteria is forbidden to travel in the front seat of the vehicle.

There is a certain amount of overlap with the seat groups, but to help you choose the best car seat for your younger passengers, here’s a summary of the car seats rules for each age.

Babies up to 18 months – weighing up to 13 kg in rear facing seats – Groups 0 and 0+
Younger infants should be facing away from the direction of travel, with straps running securely over each shoulder and fastening between the legs.

Infants from 18 months to 4 years – weighing between 9 – 18 kg in forward facing seats – Groups 1 and 2
Older infants can face the direction of travel, but only directly behind one of the front seats – not in the central rear seat. They feature similar fastenings to the Groups 0 and 0+.

Children from 3 to 12 Years – weighing between 15 – 36 kg in a booster seat – Groups 2 and 3
This group of seat covers a wide age range, as they often convert from a fully supportive seat into a straight-forward -booster cushion for the older child. Both use the fitted seat belts in the car, but Group 2 seats are designed for children who aren’t ready to sit unsupported on a standard Group 3 booster. Only move your child to a Group 3 seat when they are comfortable with the change and are over 22 kg.

Children over 135 cm tall
Older children should remain on a booster seat until they are over 135 cm tall. The seat belt should comfortably cross over the shoulder without touching the neck.

As it’s a legal requirement for children in all cars, all of our AurigaCrown rental partners will be able to rent you a car seat when you collect your vehicle. Please specify on your booking if you require one, and prices may vary.  If you’re booking with us directly in Malaga, you can find further information about our additional item rates on our conditions page.


  • louise says:

    age of the car seats? Is 2008 too old for an infant car seat?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Louise, your child should use a booster, unless he/she weights less than 15kg, in that case an infant seat is more suitable.


  • Emer says:

    Hi. My daughter is 142 cms but is only 10.5 years old. Can she travel in the back of a car in Spain without a booster seat? Tks

  • monica says:

    My son is only 2yrs8mths old but tall and his weigh is 18kg. In Ireland he travels on booster seat with high back . Car rental co in spain replied to my email that they have two type of car seat group 012 and group 3 for over 18kg. What seat should I book

  • khalil says:

    we plane to visit Malaga and rent a car at the air port.My granddaughter is 6 month old–what type of seat should I book.

  • Amanda bray says:

    we are going to Spain. My 3 year old is 21.6kgs, we were going to take a trunki booster seat and my daughter is 11 over 135cms so weren’t going to get her a seat is this ok?

  • Ana says:


    our kid will be 2yrs10mths and 16kg when we come to Spain. Does the law permit using only a booster seat?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Ana,

      Kids from 8kg to 18kg (1-4 years approx.) should still use a child seat. Although your child could also suit on the booster category (15kg-36kg), is very close to the minimum recommended weight.


  • Tejas says:

    My Daughter will be 5 years when we visit Spain after 6 months from now. Currently she is 106cm. Is it mandatory to use a group 2 booster for her or can we use a group 3 booster

  • joddle says:

    this advice seems to be out of date. from 2015 my understanding is that children must be both over 135cms AND over 12 years old – before they only had to be over 135cms

  • janis says:

    What is the ruling in Spain when travelling in coaches? We are taking one toddler and two babies on holiday in Menorca on a package holiday. Tour company does not provide car seats in coaches for transfer from airport. It is going to cost us £300+ for private transfers to ensure children are properly restrained. Your thoughts?

  • P. Lawrence says:

    My grand daughter is 8yrs 5 months but she is 136cms tall does she still require a booster seat., or does she still have to be 12yrs or over.

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi! The Spanish law says that booster seats are only mandatory for children up to 135cm, so you won’t “legally” need it. On the other hand, the Direccion General de Trafico (Department for Transport) recommends using them until they are 150cm tall.


  • lorna jones says:

    Hi. We’re travelling to Calahonda in the costa del sol next week. My daughter is 4 yrs old. She’s around 105 cms tall and 19 kilos. Can I put her in a booster seat or does she need a seat with a back and sides?
    Many thanks

  • Michael says:

    I believe Spain changed their law on booster seats this month December. Can you tell me what has change Do?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Michael,

      Since 1 October 2015, all children of equal or less height than 135 cm in addition to traveling with the child restraint system appropriate to their size and weight as the standard requires, must be seated compulsorily in the back seats.

      Best regards,

  • Katherine says:

    Hello – I have 2 children aged 7 and 4. The 4 year old is 105 cm and 19kg, does he require a high back boaster, or just a boaster seat? The law has recently changed in the UK to HBB, so I wasn’t sure if it had also changed in Spain? Thanks

  • Anjum says:

    Hi I have got 3 kids (5 years, 7 years and 10 years), Can anyone please advise if I would require 3 booster seats? Or if the oldest child sits in middle without a booster seat and must sit in middle???


    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Anjum, as mentioned, only move your child to a booster seat when they are comfortable with the change and are over 22kg. I would say that only your 10 year old child would be eligible.


  • Xavier says:

    My daughter is 92cm and 16.5 kg. Would a booster seat meet Spanish regulations? She’s nearly 3 years old.


  • Jackie Henshall says:

    my grandson is 0years old and over 135cm can we use a cushion booster seat what we use here?

  • Ann Hearnshaw says:

    Read your advice about the rules for child car seats in coaches, but what are the requirements when travelling in a taxi? We are planning to transfer to a villa by taxi with two children , one five years , one 6 months.

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Ann, the law is very ambiguous. Your older child could travel in the rear seats without any retention system, but only for an interurban journey. The baby must use a special seat.

      The best you can do is booking a private transfer, so you can order baby/child seats and avoid problems. Have a look at our transfer partners:

      Best regards,

  • Steven clare says:

    Hi, we are going to Alicante end of march 2017. My daughter is 7 years old and a little over 135cm tall. Are no child or booster seats required? Thanks

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Steven, it is not mandatory for children over 135cm to use boosters/seats. However, you should check that the belt on the car you hire is below your daughter’s neck. If not, it would be better to get a booster seat.


  • Gemma says:

    My daughter will be 4 what kind of car seat will she requre

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Gemma, it depends on her weight:
      Between 9 and 18 kg in forward facing seats – Groups 1 and 2
      Between 15 and 36 kg in a booster seat – Groups 2 and 3


  • Jaymie says:


    My daughter will be 5, around 108cm and over 22kg. Will we be OK with just a booster cushion? Planning to bring them with me from the UK as hiring them is so expensive


  • Petrina O'Loughnane says:

    My 3 children currently use booster seats in Canada. They are all over 22 kg and under 135 cm Can I bring those booster seats to use in a rental car in Spain for our trip in June? Or would I need to hire Booster seats with back support in Spain? I am worried 3 high back boosters will not fit in the normal mid size family car. Thank you for the advice.

  • Maureen says:

    Hi. If I’m travelling in a private taxi from Almeria airport to Mojacar, will my 3 and 5 year old need car seats by law?
    Many thanks

  • Sophie says:

    Hi. We are traveling in Spain in July, I’m planning on bringing my own car seats for my two year old twins but will I need a back booster seat for my 6 year old or will a booster seat be sufficient? Many thanks

  • Haley says:

    My son and I plan to travel to Spain this fall. My son is 5, weighs 16 kg, and is 102 cm tall. So, he would need a group 2 booster (bottom and back support), correct? Will my booster from the US suffice, or does it have to be EU approved? Also, do you know if it is required for him to use a booster on a bus or train? Thanks!

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Haley, you will only need it if you hire a car (sounds weird but it isn’t mandatory on public transport). In case you rent a car, I would pick one from the provider, because we use a different standard in Europe (isofix seats).


  • Pam says:

    Hi. My daughter will be 16 months old when we visit Spain. In the UK she can travel in a front facing seat as she is over 9kg. Does she still need to be rear facing in Spain? She is too tall for rear facing in UK and is all bunched up in her seat.

  • Debbie Cox says:

    Hi We are travelling to Lanzarote this month and have pre booked a taxi from the airport to Puerto calero and have booked a car seat for our 2year old granddaughter. My query is if we are catching a taxi from Puerto calero to Puerto del Carmen to go out for an evening will she need to be in a car seat ?

  • Emma Smith says:

    Hi we are going to Ibiza in August. We have booked a private taxi to collect us I have one 2 year old son and one 9 year old son do they both need car seats?

  • adam youngs says:

    Hi, my son is 11 and over 135cm, does he need a booster seat?

  • Annette says:

    Hello! Traveling to spain with 4 kids. Renting a van. 2 children are over 135cm. My one daughter needs a booster seat and my 22 month old needs a carseat. We are bringing the carseat for the airplane for my 22 month old. We are coming from the US. I don’t want to rent or buy a carseat if I am bringing one already. I could buy a booster for my 4 year old in Barcelona before we rent the car to drive to San sebastian. Any feedback helpful thank you!

  • Dilraz Kunnummal says:

    Hi. My son is 18months+
    Am i ok to continue him in a rear facing?

  • Dilraz Kunnummal says:

    Can u please suggest a place near the airport where we can buy a rearfacing carseat near the airport?

    Do airport taxis provide carseats? Wondering how we ll get from airport to hotel.


    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Dilraz, public taxis usually do not provide baby seats, it isn’t mandatory for them on city journeys.

      You can carry your child in your lap, or book a private transfer with baby seat.


  • Dilraz Kunnummal says:

    Sorry. Madrid airport

  • Ram says:

    Hello I’m visiting Spain and this July and want to hire a car from Malaga but want to know that what type seat my daughter needs she willl be 4 and half year old in July and now she 104cm and around 16 kg now so do I still need any car seat ? Thank you.

  • Becky says:

    Hi, I have 3 children under 6 that have 1x Group 1 car seat and 2 high back booster seats. Please can you recommend what car to hire to ensure all 3 seats fit in the back, or can I put one of the booster seats in the front with the 6 year old and then an adult can squeeze in the back?! Thanks

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Becky,
      The taller child can travel in the front seat using a booster when all the back seats are occupied (it’s an exception contemplated in the law).


  • Gary Austin says:

    Hi I will be going to Spain in June and my son will be 18 months old. How do we go about a car seat when we don’t need one on the flight as he will be on our lap.

  • Zoe says:

    We have 3 children 2,4 and 6… to hire a car that fits three seats across the back will cost us close to £700 for 2 weeks – which we cannot afford. Can we get a smaller car and put the 6 year old in a high back booster in the front? Is this allowed in Spain?! Otherwise we will be relying on buses (with sadly no restraints at all!!)

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Zoe, children under 135cm cannot travel in the front seat. There is an exception though. If all the back seats are occupied by children with boosters, or there is no way to install a third booster, one of them can travel in the front seat using the right restraint.


  • Nic says:

    Have a 5yr old, 117cm, 19kg. Can she use a backless booster seat?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Nic,

      The backless booster seat is recommended for children over 22 kg and your child is really close to that weight, so it shouldn’t be any problem.


  • Lisa Rowland says:


    I am traveling to menorca, I have a 9 year old who is 140cm and weighs over 38kg does he need a booster seat?

  • Lindsey says:

    Hi. We are going to Menorca next week with a 7 month old which we will take a maxi cosi for. We will also be travelling in a taxi with our daughter who is 3.5years, is 105cm tall and weighs 15.8kg. Is she legally allowed to sit on a booster seat without a back or sides? (Something like this? …)

  • Susan says:

    We are going to travel to the Canaries with a two month old baby. Do we need a car seat to travel in the tour company bus to the hotel?
    If we have a walk and then want a taxi back to the hotel would we be able to travel the short distance without a car seat as we would only have a pushchair with us?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Susan, baby seats are not mandatory on public transport, but it’s recommended to use them. Try to get a taxi with baby seats (you can contact them by phone) and ask the tour company if they can provide one.

      Best regards,

  • Tom says:

    Hi living in Canada and moving to Spain for a few months. Here we are not allowed to use carseats of a certain age..for example 7years old or 8yrs old depending on the make. Is there a similar issue with older carseats in Spain?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Tom, there are 2 different homologations active in Spain right now. Although new seats must follow the new homologation (I-size since 2017), the previous seats are still legal (R44), so you won’t have any problems with old toddler seats.

  • Carol says:

    Can you tell me if I need a car seat or booster for my grandchildren, one is 113cm tall and the other is 131.5 cm tall.

    Thank you in advance

  • Theresa Harrison says:

    Hi we are planning to take our 6 year old daughter and 2 friends who are also 6 to the cinema. We have 2 high backed booster car seats but can’t fit a third in the middle seat of the back of the car and none of the girls are over the height to sit in the front. Can we have the third child in the back without a car seat. It’s a short journey of about 20 mins. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Theresa,

      All children under 135 cms tall must use a restrain. You can put one of them in the front seat (using the corresponding restrain/booster), but only if all the back seats are occupied by other child/baby seats.


  • Becky R says:

    My son will be 10 months old and 11kg when we travel to Spain. Does he need a rearward facing seat or is forward facing ok?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Becky,

      Theoretically, he should travel in a rear facing seat, but being so close to the limit, there won’t be any issue if you get a forward facing one.


  • Anne says:

    Hi granddaughter who is 123 cms can she use just a actual booster seat (without a back) or must she be in a full car seat with a back on it.. sorry to sound so dim but don’t want any problems or fines !
    Thanks in advance !!

  • Jai says:

    Do Car rental companies in Spain also provide booster seats for 18 month old infants. Or do we have to get our own booster seats.
    Are there any specific car rental companies that provide booster seats?

  • Lisa says:

    My daughter is 6 yrs old and weighs 20kg. We are booking a private taxi so will she just require a booster seat?
    Thank you

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Lisa,

      If you use a private transfer company, you can add a booster seat to your booking. In case you are choosing a public taxi, it is not mandatory to use a booster seat on them, but anyway you should ask for one, just for your child security.


  • Tanya says:

    Grandson 4yrs old 102cm. Approx 13kg
    Can he use a booster seat

  • Tanya says:

    My grandson is 13 kilos and 110 cm aged three and a half. Can he use a booster seat ?

  • Rachel Hindmoor says:

    Hi. When we visit Spain in June our baby will be nearly 16 months old. Is it the law that he has to be in a rear facing seat until he is 18months?

  • Jay says:

    We are going to Madrid in two weeks. My 7 year old boy is now 133cm, but he weighs 38 kg. Does he still require a booster in Spain?

  • Tara says:

    Can my daughter use a Canadian certified booster seat in Spain or must the booster seat meet European standards in order to use it?

  • Wai says:

    Hi, I have a baby who is about 2 yrs old. Can my baby travel in baby carrier instead of car seat in Spain? Firstly, she doesn’t like to be constraint by car seat else she will make a lot of noise/crying. Secondly, we have total 5 adults which there might not have enough space for a baby seat. Please advice. Thanks

  • Paul says:

    Hello There,
    Sorry this question been asked by some before but every time (as its diff years) asnwers is slightly different.My Kids age 4 and half(16 KG) , 8 and half (23 kgs) . We have old style UK Car seats (not isofix). Can we use Boosters for both kids ? Or younger one require full car seat ? We are in Majorca next week.Please advice

  • Paul says:

    Thank you , will use full seat for younger one.
    And older one -age 8 and half (23 kgs weighing) can be on booster seat i suppose ? and both old UK Car seats(not isoFix) are fine ?

  • Helen Bowmer says:

    Hello, travelling from Murcia airport in a private minibus (16 seater) do Spanish law require the use of car seats for 22 month old, 4,6,8 year olds Thankyou

  • Emma Palmer says:

    Hi we are travelling to alicante in 2 weeks I have an 8 year who is 122cms and weighs 20.2kgs and a 4 year old who is 105 cm and weighs 17.5 cms we are hiring a car and are going to bring our seats with us. Can we get away with backless boosters for either of them or will both need booster with backs. Thanks.

  • Zibby says:

    I have 4 years old son
    He is 115 tall and weighs 20 kg
    We going to Valencia for one week and rent car there
    Can we use full back children car seat or booster be ok for him
    Please give me advice
    Thank You

  • Zibby says:

    Thank You

  • Michaela says:

    We are hiring a car from almeria airport and have been told we have to hire booster seats from them! I want to bring my own as I no they are safest! But just encase my 10 year old is 140cm does she need a booster? (She has been out of one for a while now) and my 4yr old is 103cm and weighs 48lbs and is in a high back booster seat but with 5 point harness! Rental company seams to think a cushion booster is ok and I am not happy with that! Can I bring my own seat or do I have to hire them? Getting really worked up as I don’t believe hired ones are safest. Thank you

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Michaela,

      Your 10 year old daughter won’t need a booster, she is over 135cm. The 4 year old should probably use a Group 2 seat (I think it’s too soon for a cushion booster). Of course, you can use your own child seats, as long as they comply with the European homologation.


  • Lewis says:

    Hi. I’m travelling to Barcelona next week to attend a wedding, with a 6 year old and a 20 month old and there will be a coach to transfer guests to and from the venue. Will I need a travel seat and booster seats for the kids?


    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Lewis,

      If the transfer is provided by a private company, you should add child seats/boosters to your reservation (it’s weird, but public taxis are not obliged to carry them).


      • Lewis Rouse says:

        Hi, and thanks for getting back to me.

        The reservation is being made by the wedding planner who is trying to charge me €90 to hire the seat. I was just wondering if its even a legal requirement to have one at all (does the coach count as public transport or a taxi?)

        If so, I’ll just take my own.

        Thanks again,

  • Michelle Syme says:

    We travel to malaga this weekend and car hire company is charging £78 per seat, at home my almost 5 years uses a group 2/3 seat but I’m thinking he would be ok with just a booster? He is tall for his age but probably just around 15kg.

  • Maulik Shah says:

    Hi My name is Maulik,

    We are travelling to South tenerife next week, my son is 4years age, 106cm in height and weighs 16kg, do we need car seat or booster seat is fine?

  • Siobhan Flynn says:

    Hi traveling to Spain with a 2 year old (harness seat ) 4 year old (high back booster ) but what about 6 year old ? Do I need to bring another high back booster ?


    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Siobhan,

      If your 6 years old child is over 22kg, he/she can travel in a booster cushion. Otherwise you will need a high back booster. You can hire them if you are renting a car in Spain.


  • Houari Abdesselem says:

    Dear Sir or Madame, we will be traveling by ferry to Alicante with our own car (Ibiza SEAT) and we will be traveling around spain. We have 3 kids, 7,5,2 years old, all less than 1.35cm. Please advise which kind of seats are required and if we need 3 seat cars? what if 3 seats car do not fit in the back?
    please advise, thanks you

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Houari,

      I think your 7 years old kid can travel in a booster seat, and your younger children should use full restraint seats. That way you can fit your 3 children on the back row.


  • Sally says:


    Traveling to Spain with my 3 month baby, taking a taxi to the city, will i need a car seat?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi Sally, it is not mandatory for public taxis to provide baby seats, but you can require one when you call them by phone or ask in the taxi stop if anyone of them has a baby seat. It’s highly recommended that your baby travels in a baby seat.


  • Mrs weight says:


    I’m coming for a holiday this year. I don’t like to rent car seats from car hire places as their not regulated.
    Mine is far too heavy to travel. Is there anywhere independent who rent car seats who meet you at airport? For example Portugal has a company called little rascals that does this?

    • AurigaCrown says:

      Hi, there are companies that hire car seats at most of Spanish airports, if you prefer so. On the other hand, car seats from car rental companies must comply the EU regulations.


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