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These days, very few of us can afford to buy a brand new car straight off the forecourt, but whether you go to a private seller or a reputable dealer, buying a used car can be a minefield. Buying a used rental car from AurigaCrown could offer you an affordable and reliable alternative.

There’s a long-standing myth that says hire cars have a short shelf life – used and abused by countless holidaymakers, they have high mileage, ragged engines and untold damage to the bodywork. While it’s true that some hire cars do get into some scrapes, in actual fact the vast majority come back to the fleet in near perfect condition. Insurance excesses are often so high that many holiday makers simply won’t take the risk of having their credit cards charged for any repairs.

Before you dismiss the idea of buying a former hire car, consider that even if you buy a used car from a reputable dealer you might actually be buying an ex-rental. Once a car hire firm changes its fleet, the last intake of cars are sold on to either dealerships or to auctions. In these cases, the seller knows little about the vehicle history and while it may well have been inspected before resale, you’re at the mercy of their guarantee conditions should anything go wrong.

Mileage can also be lower than you would imagine. Many Malaga rental customers only use their hire cars to transfer to and from the airport or to visit the main attractions on the coast. These represent a very short distance over the life of the vehicle itself, and in the case of most modern vehicles, the traditional ‘average mileage’ figures only give one insight into the overall health of the car.

This is where buying a used car from a rental firm such as AurigaCrown offers significant advantages and real value for money. We operate a fleet of over 2000 vehicles directly from our Malaga office, all of which are checked after every rental and receive regular service maintenance inspections. We wouldn’t rent them out to any of our thousands of satisfied customers if they were unreliable, so we even have our own dedicated on-site maintenance team. As they come to us new, we know the full history of each car in the fleet, and as this is renewed regularly, the cars we have available for sale will only have been on the road for a relatively short period of time.

AurigaCrown are so confident about the quality of our used vehicles for sale, we also offer a free one year guarantee on all of our cars – much longer than many other used car dealers. We also offer a wide range of vehicles for sale, from compact city cars to luxury saloons, all at competitive prices. For more information about AurigaCrown used car sales, visit our vehicles for sale page and drop us a line. We might just have what you’re looking for!


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