Top 3 Strangest Festivals of Spain

La Tomatina, Spain

Famous for its many fiestas held regularly throughout the year, there are a number of more unusual celebrations held across Spain, many of which involve throwing food – and lots of it. Here are some of our favourite festivals of Spain.

La Tomatina, Buñol, Valencia

La Tomatina, Buñol

La Tomatina is probably one of Spain’s best known festivals. Every year, thousands of people descend on the town of Buñol, where 100,000kg of tomatoes are deposited in what might be the world’s biggest food fight. The actual aim of the festival is to attempt to climb a ham-topped, greased pole. The copious quantities of tomatoes appear to be just an interesting side attraction giving visitors licence to pelt each other with fruit for an hour…

La Batalla de Flores, Laredo, Cantabria

La Batalla de Flores, Laredo

Continuing the theme of interesting things to throw, La Batalla de Flores is an old annual event where girls from the Northern Spanish town of Laredo ride on fantastically decorated floats through the town, armed with tennis rackets. Spectators throw small weighted flowers at them as the floats go past whilst they whack them away with the rackets.

La Raima, La Pobla del Duc, Valencia

La Raima, La Pobla del Duc

Back to Valencia, and more fruit throwing… Aimed to promote the wine-growing tradition of the village, around 90 tonnes of the local grape, Garnacha Tintorera, are dumped in the village centre around lunchtime, and promptly thrown all over the place. All very simple, and extremely messy. Fun though.

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These are just some of the most strangest and funniest festivals of Spain, but there are many more, share with us your favourite fiesta!

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