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Casa Broner

Casa Broner was built in 1960 by Erwin Broner (1898-1971), an important character in the creative scene of the city. Founder of the group of artists “Ibiza59” and an architect and painter who gave their best to the city that adopted him when he fled from the Nazis chasing him for his Jewish origin. The property which functioned as a residence and studio Broner was declared of Cultural Interest in the monument category in 2000 for being a representative building of the architecture of the island and is part of the Broner Foundation dedicated to promoting the work of the artist and other activities of cultural interest. So in addition to spreading the artistic legacy of Broner and his group, is a reference to the architecture of Ibiza and a space for research and exchange of knowledge and architectural proposals. (more…)

5 Fun Facts About Ibiza

Ibiza Beaches

You may well be more familiar with the world famous party scene on Ibiza, but just to give you a slightly different taste of island life, here are few fun (and interesting) facts about Ibiza that you may not know… (more…)