5 Fun Facts About Ibiza

Ibiza Beaches

You may well be more familiar with the world famous party scene on Ibiza, but just to give you a slightly different taste of island life, here are few fun (and interesting) facts about Ibiza that you may not know…

5) Blue sky, crystal clear waters, orange earth…?
Orange Ground
The ground on Ibiza is a rather unusual shade of orange. This is because of the rich abundance of pine trees that grow across the island. When the needles fall, the tannins within seep into the ground, dying it the distinctive orange colour.

4) Dry as a bone
Dry Ibiza
There is no fresh running water on Ibiza, at least not on the surface anyway. The island’s only river is practically dry, and the island’s fresh water supply is welled from deep underground.

3) Not really an island at all
Ibiza Island
Ibiza isn’t really an island so much as an ancient mountain tops. Millions of years ago, the Mediterranean basin was flooded by the Atlantic, creating the modern Mediterranean Sea, and leaving what are now the Balearic Islands poking out of the surface.

2) Twinned with the Bermuda triangle?
Es Vedra
Now this is strange but true. The rocky outcrop of islands to the east of Ibiza are considered to be the 3rd most magnetic spot on the globe. The larger Es Vedra rock is supposed to contain such an unusual mixture of minerals and elements (though it is predominantly limestone) that they interfere with magnetic equipment such as compasses. Some of the hippy community who were around Ibiza in the 1960’s still claim Es Vedra is a beacon to guide Aliens to earth…

1) Earth’s last refuge?
Nostradamus Ibiza
According to legend, Nostradamus predicted that due to the unique prevailing wind around the island, Ibiza may well be the only place to survive the impending nuclear holocaust. Interesting. I hope the bars are still open though.

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