Car hire in Spain with children

Car Hire With Children

Hiring a car offers a cost effective, convenient and comfortable way to travel around Spain, especially if you’re on holiday with younger children. You don’t have to worry if the bus will stop for rest breaks, if the driver will complain about the amount of luggage, or if your little angels with behave on the back seat…

Spain is such a family friendly destination, it’s no wonder so many tourists bring along their children to enjoy both the sandy beaches of the coasts, and to take in the sights and sounds of the cities. But travelling with children, especially younger ones, can be stressful if you’ve decided against the structure of a package holiday resort. To help you, some of the parents in the AurigaCrown team have pitched their ideas to make your independent travels in Spain with your children go that little bit smoother.


Book early

The most popular family sized cars like the Focus sell out pretty quickly, so book as soon as you can to make sure you get the right model at the right price.


Will it be big enough?

Your small, 3 door car might be big enough at home for car seats and a buggy, but you’ve also got to think about your suitcases and hand-luggage. Will they fit in the boot or on the back seat securely? If you’re not sure, air on the side of caution and book a bit bigger than you need.


Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

All that playing outside in the sunshine works up an appetite. Packing a supply of healthy snacks will keep them satisfied (and possibly quiet) for a short while at least.


In-car entertainment

It’s much easier to keep children occupied in the privacy of your own car than it is on public transport. If you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, make sure you charge any tablets, consoles or other devices before you leave, and possibly a cd of their favourite music. In your own hire car you can sing along at the top of your voice without fear of embarrassment! In addition, don’t forget to ask for a MiFi dongle to keep all your mobile devices connected to the Internet at any moment without worrying about roaming costs.


When you book your AurigaCrown car hire, make sure you book any car seats you might need for younger passengers. Our rental partners can help you fit them into the vehicle if you’re struggling, so you can’t leave the office without one!


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