Entertainment in Seville


Sevilla is one of the oldest cities in Spain and throghout its history Sevilla has had several cultural influences and life styles. Now, in the XXI century, Sevilla is a cosmopolitan city with modern infrastructure and tons of high quality entertainment choices.

From Hollywood’s latest hits to the finest playwrights of Europe can be found in Sevilla’s movie theatres and theatres. If you are in Sevilla or you planning to visit Sevilla, here is a list of the places you can go fo you want to watch a movie or a play.

Movie Theatres

Al Andalus Multicines


This movie theatre has 15 cinemas equipped with Dolby digital sound and 3D technology. Also has a candy shop and a fast food place that sells hot dogs, pop corns, nachos and sodas.

Adress: República Argentina Avenue, Bormujos (Seville) 41930.

Phone: 954 78 90 59


“Alameda” movie theatre has 4 cinemas, snack stores, handicapped people special atention, THX Digital Sound and 3D technology.

Adress: Alameda de Hércules, 9-10

Phone: 954 91 57 62

Arcos Multicines

3D cinema. THX sound. Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Free Parking. Access for handicapped. Shop Candies and Nuts. The latest movies in the industry.

Adress: Andalucía Avenue

Phone: 954 25 44 88


Lope de Vega Theatre


Named after the great spanish poet and playwright, this theatre offers to the public plays by Aristophanes and Shakespeare. It’s also the stage for concerts of jazz and classical music.

Adress: María Luisa Avenue.

Phone: 954590867

Central Theatre

Flamenco concerts, expos about poetry and sometimes paintings in exposition is what you could find in this theatre. Very recommended for everyone.

Adress: José Galvez Street

Phone: 955037200

Alameda Theatre

A theatre with a fresh concept a kid theatre. This place offers a lot of activities for kids such as dance classes, drawing lessons and many more.

Adress: Crédito Street, 11

Phone: 954900164

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