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BMW car in Spain

Whether you’re visiting Malaga, Madrid or Murcia, AurigaCrown only partners with the best car hire firms in the country to offer you the best rates and service available for your holiday car rental. But if you’re looking to save even more money, here are a number of ways you can make further savings when hiring a car for your next visit to Spain.

Check the fuel terms and other conditions
There’s no getting away from it. Fuel is expensive, and can add quite a bit to your car hire costs. Fuel policy, and therefore cost, vary from firm to firm, so it pays to read all the terms and conditions on your booking.  If you’re only travelling for a few days, then some firms may refund any unused fuel, or simply ask you to return the tank to the same level as you collected it. If you’re not sure, contact your rental firm directly and ask them to clarify. The same goes for insurance, deposits and any charges for other additional items such as GPS and car seats, as these are rarely covered in the rental cost. Make sure you have plenty of money on your credit card to cover these, and any potential deposits, and be sure you know exactly what your card is being charged. You wouldn’t want to be hit with fees for exceeding your credit limit, or find yourself without emergency funds.

Book your car hire early
When it comes to car hire, the early bird catches the worm. Like flights, car hire is usually cheapest the earlier you book. Not only will you get the best rates, but you’ll also get the pick of the widest availability. The closer to your travel dates you leave your booking, the less likely you are to be able to get the size of vehicle you want – if there are any left at all. In the busy summer months, the most popular vehicle groups such as economy and family hatchbacks sell out quickly, and as the number of cars goes down, the prices go up. Besides which, the sober you book your car hire, the sooner you can knock it off your holiday ‘to-do’ list….

Do you really need the 4 x 4?
Unless you’re anticipating a little impromptu jeep safari over the dunes of Tenerife, then do you really need that 4 x 4? Booking the most appropriate vehicle size for your trip is important if you’re looking to cut costs. Bigger isn’t always better, especially when you consider the cost of fuel and any insurances, so try and choose a car that will comfortably accommodate your passengers and luggage, while considering that you probably won’t have all those bags in the car all of the time. Similarly, chose the best vehicle for your location. A small city car won’t be much good if you’re planning on any long road trips, but is ideal for nipping around town and if you’re struggling to get to grips with the local ‘creative’ parking.

AurigaCrown offers a wide range of hire vehicles, from minis to luxury saloons (and even 4 x 4’s if you just can’t resist!) from a range of rental partners across Spain. Book today to get the best deals on your next Spanish car hire.

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