Girona Shopping

Boqueria Market, Girona

In Girona you will find all kinds of shops, ranging from traditional stores to designer boutiques: prestigious international brands, avant-garde decoration, signature jewelry, crafts, antiques, delicatessen products and many others provide a wide variety of options that guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for everyone.

The main business district, where most of Girona’s shops and leisure centres are concentrated, runs from Carrer de la Barca, in the historic centre, right over to Carrer Emili Grahit in the more modern part of the city.

Shops are mostly centred around Rambla Llibertat, Plaça Catalunya, and the following streets: Ultònia, Calvet i Rubalcaba, Cort Reial, Argenteria, Migdia, Ballesteries, Creu, Santa Clara, Sant Francesc, Joan Maragall, Sant Antoni M. Claret and Bisbe Lorenzana. All the city districts also have their own shops that supply local residents.

The vibrant trading centre is located outdoors on large areas, where most of the leisure and shopping are concentrated, forming a vast area whose range extends from the street to Emili Barca Grahit between the areas of the historic urban core and developed in recent years of economic and tourist prosperity.

Girona also hosts a wide variety of open-air fairs and markets throughout the year, adding to the attractions for visitors to this active, lively city. The annual calendar of events offers many fairs and markets: consult the dates and times and reserve a slot in your holiday schedule to enjoy a romantic shopping experience in Girona.

Open-air market held in the Devesa Park, just a stone’s throw from Girona shopping district and historic centre, with some 200 stalls selling fruit, vegetables, clothes, footwear, accessories, toiletries, and many other products. The crowds that throng here every week prove that this market is one of the main attractions of the city on Tuesdays and Saturdays mornings.

There’s also a weekly art fair at Plaça Miquel Santaló on Saturdays and Christmas holiday period. A craft fair at Carrer Santa Clara is held every Saturday except July and August. St Narcissus’ Festival, December break and Christmas holiday period.

Girona is apt to be visited and enjoyed during the whole year, but we recommend you checking this shopping calendar of Girona:

January-February: Winter sales period is a unique opportunity to find items from the winter collections with attractive discounts.

March-April: Easter, typical products. During this period you can find typical Easter cakes in bakeries and food shops: bunyols, mones de Pasqua and tortells de Rams.

April-June: Traders are everywhere on the streets, with all kind of products and offers. Shopkeepers come out into the streets and set up stalls, where they offer discounts on certain products.

May: Time of Flowers: Special gastronomic competition and floral ornaments. Special opening hours, discounts and offers in shops, evening tastings and a window dressing and interior design competition.

July-August: Promotions and upcoming summer season. Special offers and discounts on summer products.

October: Festivities of San Narcissus, patron saint of the city, craft fairs and antique shops. Trade fair held at the Exhibition Centre and also numerous fairs and markets take to the streets, filling the city with craftspeople, collectors…

December: Christmas is very important in Girona, which has an intense holiday spirit, which shows in their fairs and special season. During this period the city is adorned with Christmas lights as it hosts open-air activities, fairs and street markets as well as many wonderful surprises.


Shopping Centres in Girona

Girocentre, Girona

On the following list you can find the top 5 largest shopping centres in Girona:

Hipercor (Girona – C.C. Girocentre)

Address: Calle Barcelona 106-110, Centro Comercial Girocentre, 17003, Girona.

Telephone: +34 972188400.


El Corte Inglés (Girona – C.C. Girocentre)

Address: Centro Comercial Girocentre, 17003, Girona.

Telephone: +34 972 188 400.


Zona Comercial L’Eixample

Address: L’Eixample, 17004, Girona.

Telephone: +34 872 975 972.


Zona Comercial El Centre

Address: El Barri Vell, 17004, Girona.

Telephone: +34 872 975 975.


Hipermercado Carrefour Girona

Address: Avda. Francia, 42-44, 17007, Girona.

Telephone: +34 902 202 000.

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